Free Spiritual Music Downloads

Please enjoy these free and legal spiritual Mp3 music downloads.

These selections of online spiritual music can help us to relax, calm the mind and enter into meditation.

Free Spiritual Music Downloads

  • My Heart’s Aspiration by Sri Chinmoy Sri Chinmoy has performed his meditative music at over 700 free concerts. Here he plays on a variety of instruments including the Indian Esraj, the Western Flute and the Cello
  •  Adarsha Kelly. Adarsha has a beautiful voice. His voice is sweet, powerful and beautiful, all at once!
  •  Singing Performance –   Various singing performances by Sri Chinmoy.
  • (Uses Real Player)

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When we listen to soulful music, or when we ourselves play soulful music, immediately our inner existence climbs up high, higher, highest. It climbs up and enters into something beyond. This Beyond is constantly trying to help us, guide us, mould us and shape us into our true transcendental image, our true divinity. When we hear soulful music, or when we play a soulful piece of music, we feel a kind of inner thrill in our entire existence, from the soles of our feet to the crown of our head. A river is flowing through us, a river of consciousness, and this consciousness is all the time illumined. ”

Writing on Spiritual music by Sri Chinmoy

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