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A Search In Secret India


search secret indiaA Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton was published in 1934 and instantly became a classic of spiritual literature. It is the story of one man’s personal odyssey –  A search to find the real meaning behind life. Through his entertaining and illumining journey, Paul Brunton shows a glimpse into a relatively unknown side to India. An India of fakirs, astrologers, Spiritual Gurus and a living spirituality. Students on any spiritual path will enjoy sharing the experiences and universal truths of this book.


Disillusioned by life in England, Paul Brunton hoped to find in India, a spirituality his soul was eager to find.  The book combines a rigorous Western journalistic standard with a sympathy and openness to the Spirituality of India. Just a few decades before, his compatriot, Rudyard Kipling had famously said. “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” But, Brunton was a pathfinder in breaking down this barrier and seeking a union in diversity.

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