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World Harmony Run Visits Carribean

The World Harmony Run visits 11 beautiful Caribbean nations in three action-packed weeks. Island culture and music abound in this short compilation of events in each participating country.

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Produced by Salil Wilson and Ketan Tamm of the World Harmony Run Team

The World Harmony Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1986, it is now an annual global relay running seeking to promote harmony and friendship between people from across all social and cultural sections of society.

World Harmony Run Finishes in New York

After crossing all 48 mainland states in the USA the World Harmony Run finished in New York on August 23rd.

The World Harmony Run founded by Sri Chinmoy is an initiative to promote greater world harmony and friendship. The run does not raise money or seek to highlight any political cause.

The American section run began in April of this year and has been on the road for over 4 months.

The finishing ceremony was for the American run. There are also run being held simultaneously in Europe, Asia and Africa. The European leg will finish in London in October

Sri Chinmoy and other invited guests at the finishing ceremony in New York

USA World Harmony Run