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World Harmony Run in Iceland

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"The Mongolian steppes stretch as far as the eye can see ? right to the edge of the sky: hard-packed dirt and shale punctuated by small shrubs and feathergrass. Here and there, a lone ger ? the round nomadic tent ? with dung smoke rising through its roof hole toward a pale sun!"

"My heart-rate drops almost instantly, but jolts on hearing the dulcet tones of 50 Cent, which a kindly school boy at the back is treating his fellow travellers to. Too much of a coward to ask him to lower the volume, I realise this is the perfect test of my meditation techniques.."

  • Commuting Meditation Meditation on your daily commute at

"One evening, Shyama Charan Lahiri was roaming at the foot of the Himalayas while on a short visit to the area, when he heard a voice saying,

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Photo courtesy: Unmesh Swanson Sri Chinmoy Centre galleries

Tribute to Hindu Wisdom


A Tribute to Hinduism was started in 1996 by Sushama Londhe, an Indian-American who came to the U.S. and became interested in learning about the religious traditions of Hinduism. Over the past 10 years the site has done a very good job in presenting Hinduism in a good non sectarian light.

Many misconceptions about Hinduism abound. But at the heart of Hinduism are the sacred scriptures of the Vedas and Upanishads. Hinduism has also continually been reinvigorated by a succession of Saints, sages and Avatars.

The site has recently been renamed to

O Lord Lead me from the unreal to the real.
Lead me from the darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.
May there be peace, peace, and perfect peace.
  • a Sanskrit invocation from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishads 1.3.28).

Pages are very detailed and extensive such as Hindu Culture

and Women in Hinduism

Women and the Divine Word

"Profound thought was the pillow of her couch,
Vision was the unguent for her eyes.
Her wealth was the earth and Heaven,
When Surya (the sun-like resplendent bride) went to meet her husband.
Her mind was the bridal chariot,
And sky was the canopy of that chariot.
Orbs of light were the two steers that pulled the chariot,
When Surya proceeded to her husband?s home!"

The close connection of women with divine revelation in Hinduism may be judged from the fact that of the 407 Sages associated with the revelation of Rig Veda, 21 are women.

Happiness of Being

ramana maharshi

Ramana Maharshi

Happiness of Being is a new website developed by Michael James and dedicated to the great Spiritual Master Ramana Maharshi .

"Happiness lies deep within us, in the very core of our being. Happiness does not exist in any external object, but only in us, who are the consciousness that experiences happiness. Though we seem to derive happiness from external objects or experiences, the happiness that we thus enjoy in fact arises from within us."