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The Temple of Love

The temple of love is not love itself;
True love is the treasure,
Not the walls about it.
Do not admire the decoration,
But involve yourself in the essence,
The perfume that invades and touches you-
The beginning and the end.
Discovered, this replace all else,
The apparent and the unknowable.
Time and space are slaves to this presence.

– Rumi

photo Tejvan

Even Pain and Grief


Even pain and grief are garbs of world-delight,
It hides behind thy sorrow and thy cry.
Because thy strength is a part and not God’s whole,
Because afflicted by the little self
Thy consciousness forgets to be divine
As it walks in the vague penumbra of the flesh
And cannot bear the world’s tremendous touch,
Thou criest out and sayst that there is pain.
Indifference, pain and joy, a triple disguise,
Attire of the rapturous Dancer in the ways,
Withhold from thee the body of God’s bliss.
Thy spirit’s strength shall make thee one with God,
Thy agony shall change to ecstasy,
Indifference deepen into infinity’s calm
And joy laugh nude on the peaks of the Absolute.

– Sri Aurobindo

Canto II – The Way of Fate and the Problem of Pain P. 454  



Photo: Pavitrata Taylor.

Happiness in Heart and Mind



“The mind finds it difficult to be happy, precisely because the mind consciously enjoys the sense of separativity. It is always judging and doubting the reality in others. This is the human mind, the ordinary physical mind, the earth-bound mind.

But we also have the aspiring heart, the loving heart. This loving heart is free from insecurity, for it has already established its oneness with the rest of the world. This heart carries the message of self-offering, and self-offering is God-discovery.”

– Sri Chinmoy

From: Happiness My Salutations to Australia

A Search In Secret India


search secret indiaA Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton was published in 1934 and instantly became a classic of spiritual literature. It is the story of one man’s personal odyssey –  A search to find the real meaning behind life. Through his entertaining and illumining journey, Paul Brunton shows a glimpse into a relatively unknown side to India. An India of fakirs, astrologers, Spiritual Gurus and a living spirituality. Students on any spiritual path will enjoy sharing the experiences and universal truths of this book.


Disillusioned by life in England, Paul Brunton hoped to find in India, a spirituality his soul was eager to find.  The book combines a rigorous Western journalistic standard with a sympathy and openness to the Spirituality of India. Just a few decades before, his compatriot, Rudyard Kipling had famously said. “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” But, Brunton was a pathfinder in breaking down this barrier and seeking a union in diversity.

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A Fleeting Life

A fleeting life is all we have. So why do we boast, why do we disproportionately exaggerate our earthly, mortal and brittle achievements? The physical in us, no matter how strong, fails us when the Prince of Gloom appears. When death appears, the physical deserts us no matter how strong it is, the vital deserts us no matter how enthusiastic it is, the mind deserts us no matter how brilliant it is, the heart deserts us no matter how kind and pure it is.

A fleeting life is all we have. Why then do we listen to the dictates of the physical world, the temptation- world? Why? Why? Why do we not listen to the dictates of the all-illumining and all-fulfilling soul? Why? Why? Why do we dine each night, all night long, with ignorance-sea? Why do we sport with darkness-dragon every day, all day long? Why? Why? Why do we not love God even conditionally, if it is impossible for us to love God unconditionally? Why? Why?

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