The Rogue Consoles the Saint

Once Ramdas was meditating at the foot of a small hillock. His cook Pushkar employed two unparalleled rogues to throw a heavy stone on him from the top of the hill. The hooligans succeeded in their wicked adventure, and dropped a heavy piece of stone on Ramdas’ lap. He was severely injured. And who came to console him first? The worst possible rogue?Pushkar.

The Master’s cries and shouts finally brought some of Ramdas’ other disciples to the spot. He immediately told them that it was Pushkar who had employed two of his friends to drop the stone. Pushkar wanted to deny it, but the Master’s fiery eyes frightened him; therefore, he had no choice but to tell the truth, to confess. Then Ramdas said to Pushkar, “I shall always forgive you, but God will not forgive you, although He easily can.”


Pushkar knew what deception was. Ramdas knew what compassion was and what forgiveness was. An individual usually acts according to his nature, but at times one can change this nature. If a spiritual Master feels that by exposing a person he will be able to expedite that person’s progress, then he will definitely do so. What the Master wants is progress from the disciples, and for that progress he will adopt any means and do everything he can.

Sri Chinmoy

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