The Leper

Bama had a dear attendant named Nanda, who had developed leprosy. Even then, Bama used to take food from him regularly and not from other disciples. Gradually, Nanda’s case became extremely serious. His hands and arms were totally covered with infected wounds and it was a very ugly sight. So he stopped coming to his Master’s place.

One day, Bama’s attendants said to their Master, “Master, you have the capacity to cure your dear disciple, Nanda. Why don’t you cure him?”

Bama said to them, “All right, bring him today.”

When Nanda came, Bama started striking him, saying, “Can you count on your fingertips how many times you have done unthinkable things? I say you can’t, you rascal. I have forgiven you and I am curing you, but in the future never, never do anything immoral or undivine.”

In a month’s time Nanda was totally cured. Then he once again started preparing meals for Bama and serving him with utmost love and devoted surrender.


Story by: Sri Chinmoy. Originally published in India and her miracle-feast: come and enjoy yourself, part 8:
Traditional Indian stories about Bama Kshepa by Sri Chinmoy

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