The Beautiful Woman

One night Bama was lying down in his room meditating. His disciples were
fast asleep in the adjacent rooms. Suddenly a beautiful girl came into Bama’s
room on tiptoe and started massaging his feet. Bama made no sign that he
was awake. Then she said to him, “Bama, you are so beautiful.”<br>
Bama sat up and told her to get out of the house immediately. But instead
of leaving, she embraced Bama most passionately. Bama screamed and shouted
at the top of his voice, and the disciples came running in. Bama gave the
beautiful woman a smart slap and asked the disciples to compel her to leave.<br>
The woman placed at Bama’s feet the money that had been given to her by the
zamindar who had sent her to test Bama’s spiritual celibacy. But the Master
returned the money to her and told her, “You can return the money to the
reminder, since you have not been successful in your attempt.”<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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