O Height beyond the heights,
O Deep beyond the deeps, Thou art still!
Mother of Light supreme!
We feel not thy flaming breath of Will.
To raze our million lies,
To reveal the Spirit’s cosmic task
Thy vast apocalypse
In secret dwells in our nature’s dusk.
O Queen of zenith unseen!
The Play of Death within Thee ends.
The Sun, thy golden child,
Upon the world’s nakedness descends.

The first is the aspect of immensity, vastness and profundity, called Maheshwari. “Maha” means great and “Ishwari” means goddess. So, Maheshwari is the great Goddess, the great Mother. Maheshwari has another name which is very familiar to us: Durga. Most of India worships this aspect of the Divine Mother. Day in and day out Durga fights to establish the Divine Truth here on earth.

When Sri Ramachandra was engaged in a terrible fight against the demon Ravana, he prayed to this particular goddess. Durga showered her utmost blessings upon the devoted head and heart of Sri Ramachandra and he won the battle.

Excerpt from The dance of the Cosmic Gods by Sri Chinmoy.

Major aspects of The Divine Mother

  1. Maheshwari
  2. Maha Kali
  3. Maha Saraswati
  4. Maha Lakshmi

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