The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of the God. In one sense God is beyond both Male and Female, but it can be said that God has different aspects and different manifestations. The Divine Mother is associated with the qualities of compassion and forgiveness. It is said that it is easier to please the Divine Mother than it is to please the masculine aspect of God

The Divine Mother plays a prominent role in Eastern religions, especially Hinduism. Christianity does not place so much emphasis on the female aspect of God, although some venerate highly the Virgin Mary and see this as an aspect of God.

There are four major aspects of the Mother Divine. Maheshwari, Maha Kali, Maha Saraswati, and Maha Lakshmi. These different aspects of the transcendental Mother have different qualities and perform different functions.

4 Major Aspects of The Divine Mother

  1. Maheshwari
  2. Maha Kali
  3. Maha Saraswati
  4. Maha Lakshmi

Maha Lakshmi


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