The Souls of the Cosmic Gods

The soul of a cosmic god is different from the soul of a human being. The soul of a human being is always evolving. It was first in the Transcendental Spirit; then it entered into inconscience, and from there it entered into the mineral, plant and animal life. Now the soul is a human being. Why does the soul have to go through this process? When it touches the bottom, it gets a greater opportunity for better manifestation.

An aspirant will not become a cosmic god because he knows that he has a greater, a much greater, a far greater opportunity to become totally one with God and to satisfy God in His own way. The cosmic gods satisfy God in God’s own way to some extent. But they will not take the trouble of coming to this world where there is constant fighting and ignorance. The cosmic gods do not want to enter into the battle-field of life. They are happy. They want to remain where they are. Cosmic gods have Peace, Light and Bliss to a great extent, but they do not care for liberation; they do not care for realisation and manifestation. They won’t descend on earth and cry for God-manifestation. They don’t want to become involved with undivine qualities. The cosmic gods just get something, say a million dollars, and they stay with that. But if one goes on and follows the path of evolution, if one realises God, then one eventually becomes a multi-millionaire in terms of spiritual wealth.

So the souls of the cosmic gods are different from the souls of human beings. But again, there is always an exception to the rule. There have been a few human beings who have cried to the Supreme not to have to follow the way of evolution. They only wanted to remain with what they had. They didn’t care for manifestation. They wanted to become cosmic gods, and in a very few cases they did become cosmic gods. But this has happened in only two or three cases. Otherwise, if you start with an evolving soul, the soul will continue to evolve and eventually it will go beyond the cosmic gods. This is very easy for us to say, but to go beyond the cosmic gods is not an easy task. But if we do, then the cosmic gods have to listen to us.

Sri Chinmoy

The Cosmic Gods by Sri Chinmoy

Reproduced with permission Sri Chinmoy Library

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