Spiritual Masters and the World

The following excerpt was taken from “The Summits of God-Life: Samadhi and Siddhi” by Sri Chinmoy.

The world is not ready for spiritual Masters. They come into the world out of their infinite Compassion. When they leave, some Masters promise that they will come back as long as there are people still unrealised on earth. They are sincere when they say this, but when they go up to the higher worlds and see earth’s ingratitude, they change their minds. They ask themselves why they should waste their precious time if humanity is sleeping, and why they should come back just to be kicked by an ungrateful humanity.

Humanity needs spiritual Masters for awakening and illumination, but in the outer life people do not feel any urgency. The world is not ready, and perhaps it will never be ready as a whole. When the Masters come, they find unwilling, unaspiring human beings. For spiritual Masters to realise God, it takes quite a few incarnations. Realisation is such an arduous task to perform. But it is much more difficult to manifest God on earth. That is why many spiritual Masters do not come down for manifestation.

Although God is inside each human being, unfortunately the animal still predominates in man. When the Masters are dealing with humanity, they see it is all animality. Look at the example of Sri Ramakrishna. He took so many negative and undivine forces from his students; he suffered so much from their poison. Otherwise, for such a pure man to be afflicted with malignant cancer would have been impossible.

To realise God is difficult. And after realisation, to live in the ignorant world and stay with humanity is more difficult. But to remain in the consciousness of the Highest while working in the lowest, and to bring down the highest Light into the lowest and make the lowest receive and accept it, is most difficult. Again, when we say something is difficult or most difficult, we are only belittling ourselves. After all, what are spiritual Masters? They are God’s chosen children. God’s chosen children are identified with God all the time through Eternity. God can never be separated from His children, His creation. So nothing is difficult if we see it from the highest absolute point of view: neither to realise God nor to serve God in humanity, nor to take responsibility for bringing humanity to Divinity or Divinity to humanity. Everything is easy, easier, easiest, if there is something called God-touch. If God’s Will touches some action, then it is very easy.

– Sri Chinmoy

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