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Welcome to this selection of legal Indian Music Downloads. These downloads encapsulate the essence of the rich spiritual tradition of Indian music. Many of the downloads are from Radio Sri Chinmoy These audio clips use Real Player.

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Many of these audio clips come from Radio Sri Chinmoy. We would like to thank Radio Sri Chinmoy for permission to offer these items.

Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher originally born in India. At the age of 12 Sri Chinmoy moved to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram where he practised meditation and other spiritual disciplines. At the age of 32 Sri Chinmoy travelled to New York to share the spiritual traditions of India. Sri Chinmoy is a keen musician composing many 1000s of songs in English and his native Bengali. Sri Chinmoy himself performs on many musical instruments and has performed at over 700 Free Meditative concerts around the world.

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