The Suicide Attempt

Once in the thick of the night a middle-aged man named Nimai was tying a
rope to the branch of a tree and was about to hang himself. He could not
support his family, and for this reason the members of his family had tremendous
disrespect for him. Therefore he wanted to commit suicide.<br>
At that moment Bama appeared in his subtle body and said, “What are you doing?
You rascal, don’t you know that committing suicide is the worst possible
sin? Don’t you believe it?”<br>
Nimai said, “All right, I will not commit suicide, but I will never go home
Bama said, “You don’t have to go home. Come and stay with me, in your real
home. God will take care of your family, I assure you.”<br>
Bama’s words proved true. Very soon, two of Nimai’s older sons got jobs and
were in a position to support the rest of the members of the family.<br>
Sri Chinmoy&nbsp;

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