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Balananda’s Initiation

Balananda’s Initiation

The day of his initiation, Balananda said to his Master, “Today you are going to initiate me. On the one hand, I am so happy and delighted that out of your infinite kindness you are going to initiate me. On the other hand, I feel extremely sorry that I don’t have anything to offer you in return. I am so poor.”

The Master, Brahmananda, said to his dearest disciple, “My son, you should not think of that. I do not need any material wealth or earthly possessions. I need only one thing from you and that is your God-realisation. One day you will definitely realise God, and your God-realisation itself will be my best reward. I am initiating you with my heart’s infinite love and concern. I shall guide you at every moment in your spiritual journey.

God-realisation for you is destined in this incarnation and today’s initiation is going to expedite your journey. I am extremely glad to have found in you a true disciple, a perfect disciple. Today I want to tell you not to worry about anything. You do not have to give anything to me now. Your God-realisation at God’s choice Hour in this incarnation will be the supreme reward which I shall receive from you.”

Sri Chinmoy 

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