Tribute to Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna


“God is proud of His Divinity in Sri Krishna.
Man is proud of his humanity in Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna is the beloved Boatman who untiringly plies His Boat of Consciousness
between India’s unparalleled history and Her unrivalled spirituality.

The Gita is Sri Krishna’s Heart, His Vision-in-Fulfilment.
The Gita is humanity’s breath, its journey towards Immortality.

Sri Krishna’s Flute stirs the Universal Consciousness.
Sri Krishna’s Gita enchants the Transcendental Consciousness.

Sri Krishna plays on His Flute. We hear. We do something more.
We barter our body’s dust with His Soul’s Plenitude.

Sri Krishna is the shoreless ocean of Bliss.
But as soon as I sincerely dedicate myself to Him,

He presents me with His own Boat and takes me to the boundless Shore,
the Golden All.”

Sri Chinmoy


"Lord Krishna is the matchless hero who held the fate of the emperors in the palm of his hand but himself never desired a throne.
The great hero who was born in a prison and died in solitude in a forest.
He gave the world the Bhagavad- Gita.

He is the architect of Dharma who lives forever in the hearts of the people of India and the whole world."

(Author – Srimurthi )

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