Writing on Here and Now

There are no ordinary moments…

My approach to spirituality has been the desire to be aware of myself
and of my environment- to live the Now, to live the moment.
Theoretically it sounds easy, but as soon as we try to but it in action
we discover all the obstacles within ourselves that keep us roam forth
and back through time and space. Thoughts only deal with the past and
future. To be in the present moment we only have to stop the continuous
flow of thoughts. :-) It’s always easy on the paper… Recently a book
and a movie gave me new inspiration to work on my awareness. The book
was ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ by Dan Millman- and although I
read it for the 4th or maybe 5th time it keeps inspiring me. Socrates,
Dan’s master and teacher, in very funny ways points out his
unawareness and his unspontaneous reaction in his day to day life. The
movie ‘What the Bleep do we know’ ( If you haven’t seen it- Go for
it… ) continues on this topic. – It shows how over the years we’ve
lost our ability to react on thoughts, emotions or situations in a
spontaneous way. We react according to our preconceptions which
actually belong to a decision we made in the past. We are so
conditioned, because we compare everything that happens with something
similar that happened to us in the past, that we are not able to even
observe what’s really going on in the moment we are acting. AND here’s
the point: OBSERVE ! To be an observer means to be aware of what
influences me, to be aware of how I’m dealed with during the day and
according to this I consciously decide about my reaction. By sincerely
observing myself for a while I found out that many of my opinions and
my believes are actually expired. They do no longer have a relationship
to what is considered to be ‘my’ reality. It’s a little painful
sometimes to find out that what has been your point of view for years,
which of course was defended against others when needed, no longer
serves any purpose. Now I seek to be more flexible, more spontaneous in
my daily decisions. I try to stay in the moment as good as possible by
consciously breathing and observing my inner and outer reaction. I’d
like to end with a poem by Sri Chinmoy that rounds up perfectly what I

Every thought can be a prayer. Every action can be a meditation.

That’s it…


Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group