Thoughts on Life and Death

Naturally, as the years advance upon us, the death of close friends,
relatives and dear ones is ocurring ever more frequently.

For a spiritual seeker, however, death is not the end.

Only recently someone from our Centre also left the physical sheath,
and we had a special Centre meditation for her, which was quite
powerful, full of light, vastness, oneness, confidence, serenity and
peace, and – at least for me – even joy. By chance that day I had
found a beautiful and very uplifting short text by Sri Chinmoy in the
Library. We read it out during the meditation, and afterwards a
number of disciples asked me to give them a copy of the text and even
to translate it, so that they might also give it to relatives
confronted with death.

Maybe it can serve somebody else, so here it is:

“Question: You say that when the body dies the soul goes back to its
own world. What is the soul’s world?
Sri Chinmoy: The soul goes back to where it came from, to its
original home, to take rest for some time. As earth is our body’s
world, so also there is a world which we call the soul’s world. You
have a home. You go to play in the playground and after you have
played for a few hours you come back to your home. Then, after taking
rest, tomorrow you go again to play. Similarly, the soul comes here
on earth to play for a few years and then the soul goes back to its
own region. Then it returns to earth in another body.
The soul’s original abode is Sat-Chit-Ananda. It means Existence-
Consciousness-Bliss. There is a Bengali song, “Phire Chalo.” It
means, “Let us go home.” This home is the home of the soul. The soul,
the aspiring soul, is returning home, where it is all Light and
Delight. In this home there is no death, no suffering, no sorrow, no
decay; It is all Joy, Light and Delight.”

Q.A on Soul’s World from God-Journey’s Perfection-Return

At the end of the meditation we sang this special song by Sri Chinmoy:

“My Lord Beloved Supreme,
You took the responsibility of my life
and now You will be taking
the responsibility of my death.
In life and death
You give me
the shelter of Your Feet.”

For me, death has always held the promise of liberation. Before I
started meditating it even was a relief to know one could “escape” if
needed – relinquishing the torturing fetters of this finite reality
of earthly existence. Of course in the meantime my attitude has
changed, better than any escape is meditation. One of my first
meditation “experiences” even was an experience of Light, where I had
the feeling, if I go one step further, I will experience inwardly
what it might be like to die – to leave all limitations behind and be
free. But I did not dare to take that step.

I want to end this post with the God-Hunger-Cry prayer of January 31,
which to me means that in taking a physical body we will eventually
have to die, but when we die we only cast off our phyical sheath
like “worn-out garments” to be “born” again to our infinite life in
the soul’s world.

“Strange is our life here on earth
Here birth is death, death is birth.”

– Sri Chinmoy, My God-Hunger-Cry prayer, January 31

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In oneness

Originally posted on Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group