Quotes on Spirituality



Is not

Is the beauty of God’s children
In the inner world
And the outer world as well.

Real spirituality
Is not something
That we should conceal-

Real spirituality
Is something
That we must embody,
Reveal and manifest.

It is my choice-
Either to be satisfied with a drop
Or to seek the almighty Ocean.

In the beginning
The spiritual life may not be
A bed of roses,
But eventually it becomes one.

Self-discipline and selflessness-
Both are extremely important
   In our spiritual life.

By: Sri Chinmoy

From: 77,000 Service Trees

“Spirituality is not an escape from the world of reality.
Spirituality tells us what the true reality is and how we can discover it here on earth.
Spirituality is not the denial of life, but the purest acceptance of life.
Life is to be accepted unreservedly. Life is to be realised soulfully.
Life is to be transformed totally. Life is to be lived eternally.”

“For those who follow the spiritual life there comes a time when we distinctly hear God’s Voice.
God offers us His highest message: today’s imperfect man is tomorrow’s perfect God.
Today’s unfulfilled man becomes tomorrow’s fulfilled God.
But how? Through divine love, divine devotion and divine surrender.”

By: Sri Chinmoy

From: Talk on Spirituality

Photo by Phoolanjaya Sri Chinmoy Centre Gallery