Quotes on Money


Benjamin Franklin says: “Remember that time is money.”

The practical man in me whispers: “I deeply admire . This great discovery. But I have also to remember that Time is life. Time is God the Inspiration In our outer life; Time is God the aspiration In our inner life. And what is money? Money is something That has the message of possession In the outer world And The message of service In the inner world.”

  • Excerpt from The Wings Of Light, Part 4 by Sri Chinmoy.


“You must know What you can buy And What you cannot buy With your money-power. With your money-power You can buy physical strength, You can buy vital strength, You can buy mental strength. But You cannot buy psychic strength. What is psychic strength? Love, Infinity’s Love. Oneness, Eternity’s Oneness.”

  • Excerpt from The Golden Boat, Part 15 by Sri Chinmoy.

“The seekers can make Very fast progress If they have already discovered The undeniable truth That money-power Is infinitely less significant Than a speck of dust.”

  • Sri Chinmoy

“What is money? Something that is good for nothing for God-realisation.”

Quotes on Money by Sri Chinmoy

Poem on Money
by Sri Chinmoy