Quotes on Failure

“I wish to speak on failure from the spiritual point of view. There is not a single human being on earth who does not feel that he is a failure. For his failure he blames many others: he blames the world, he blames his friends and acquaintances, he blames his enemies. But he finds it difficult to blame himself. Here we are all seekers, so we are all God lovers. For true seekers, for God lovers, for oneness dreamers, there is no such thing as failure; there can be no failure. For earth transformers, for God fulfillers on earth there can be no failure…”

“..I wish to tell you an amusing incident about Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde once went to a party after seeing one of his plays. His friends asked him about the play. His reply was that the play was a success but the audience was a failure…”


“Failure looms large Only when I withdraw my love from God And Allow not God to love me In His own Way.”

Quotes by Sri Chinmoy