Quotes on Action

“Before the birth of action, inspiration is our guide. During the course of action, aspiration is our guide. At the end of action, our surrendering height and surrendered depth is our satisfaction and God’s satisfaction.”

  • Excerpt from Union-Vision by Sri Chinmoy.

“Action is entering into the battlefield of life. Action is conquering life’s untold miseries and teeming limitations. Action is transforming life’s devouring imperfection into glowing perfection. Action is something infinitely deeper and higher than the mere survival of physical existence. Action is the secret supreme, which enables us to enter into the Life Eternal.

  • Excerpt from Eastern Light For The Western Mind by Sri Chinmoy.”


Each thought is an action. Each action is an achievement. Each achievement is reality’s immediate expansion.

  • Excerpt from I Need This Book by Sri Chinmoy.

You feel that action alone Is progress. But I am saying that non-action Is also necessary.

Quotes by Sri Chinmoy