Sri Aurobindo – Extract from play

Sri Aurobindo was a poet, philosopher and Spiritual Master.

In Sri Aurobindo’s early life he threw himself heart and soul into politics and the Indian independence Movement.

However at various times and particularly during a spell in prison, very powerful spiritual experiences came to Sri Aurobindo. These spiritual illuminations encouraged him to leave the political struggle to others and concentrate only on his future spiritual mission.


Extract from Play on Sri Aurobindo

(Bombay. After his address at a meeting of the Bombay National Union, Aurobindo returns to the residence of a friend. Standing on a balcony he looks out on the city.)

Aurobindo: “I see the whole busy movement of Bombay as a picture in a cinema-show, all unreal and shadowy. The entire material world is quite unsubstantial, void. Ever since I had the experience of the vacant state of Nirvana the silent Infinite alone has become real to me.”

enter Lele

– From “Descent of the Blue” – A Play by Sri Chinmoy on the life of Sri Aurobindo

See Bande Mataram translated by Sri Aurobindo.

See: Biography of Sri Aurobindo


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