The Height of the Cosmic Gods

An aspirant will not be dissatisfied with the height of the cosmic gods. Right now he is hearing a spiritual Master say that the cosmic gods are not at the highest. Since he feels that the cosmic gods are high but not to the topmost degree, he says, ‘I don’t want their height,’ or ‘I will go far beyond it.’ Sometimes the seeker says, ‘Either I will go far beyond the cosmic gods, or I will not even make an attempt.’ This can also happen. A seeker says these things just because he is a student of a spiritual Master. Because the Master says that the gods are not at the top of the tree, the student feels that he is better than the gods. But this is ridiculous. The seeker doesn’t even know how to climb yet, and already he is comparing himself to the cosmic gods, who have gone very, very high. Some seekers also like to compare themselves with the great spiritual Masters of the past, because they think that these Masters were not fully realised. But this is absurd. Here they are millions of miles away even from realisation, and they are comparing themselves to great spiritual Masters.

For the seeker, it is impossible to know the capacity of the cosmic gods. If you have a stomach upset, a cosmic god can fix it. But when it is a matter of nature’s transformation, if you have to conquer jealousy, doubt and so on, at that time it will be a real tug-of-war if the cosmic gods have to deal with it. The cosmic gods will have to work very hard, for they do not have the highest capacity that a realised spiritual Master has.

Sri Chinmoy

The Cosmic Gods by Sri Chinmoy

Reproduced with permission Sri Chinmoy Library

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