Is past life knowledge helpful? (2)

    Continued from Is Past Life Knowledge Helpful? Part 1

     On the other hand, suppose we know that in our past incarnation we were someone very great and in this incarnation we see that we are nothing. Then we will feel miserable. We will curse God and we will curse ourselves. We will say: ?If I was so great, how is it that in this incarnation I am so useless? What unthinkable thing have I done to deserve this fate? God is harsh; He does not care for me.? But we misunderstand God. God wants to have a different experience through us in this incarnation, and we think that God is just being unkind.

     An aspirant wants inner joy, the joy that fulfils him and fulfils God. This he will never get from his past incarnations. The best thing for us is not to think of the past. Our Goal is not behind us; it is ahead of us. Our direction is forward, not backward. For a spiritual person I always say: ?Past is dust.? I say this because the past has not given us what we want. What we want is God realisation. Knowing our previous incarnations does not help our God realisation. God realisation depends entirely on our inner cry. The important thing is not the past, but the present. We must say: ?I have no past. I am beginning here and now with God’s Grace and my own aspiration. Now let me start to run. How far I have run in the past is immaterial. Let me think only of how far I am going to run in this life.? Right now we have to see the past as something totally different from the present, and the present as something totally different from the future. Once we realise God, at that time the past, present and future become all one. They form a circle, which is our own inner being, our entire life. At that time we can easily see back to our previous incarnations and know what we were.

     If you want to know about your past incarnations, certainly God will give you the capacity. But the most important thing is not past incarnations or future incarnations, but what you want here and now. You want God, and if you meditate soulfully, God is bound to grant you that boon. You will possess Him and you will claim Him as your very own.

?Sri Chinmoy, Death and Reincarnation

    You have to know that you cannot live on yesterday?s food. Yesterday if I was good, then today let me aspire to be better, and tomorrow let me aspire to be absolutely the best. And if I feel that yesterday was very bad, unsatisfactory, discouraging and deplorable, then the best thing is to forget about it immediately. The past is dust. Again, even if the past was satisfactory, in the spiritual life we know that that is not enough. If someone feels that he was very sincere, dedicated and spiritual ten years ago, then he will still want to go farther, deeper and higher. He will feel that until he has realised the Highest, he cannot stop. Suppose you are a very good runner, running forward at top speed. Your goal is ahead of you. You have been running very fast, true, but the moment you look behind, you will fall. So since you know that your goal is ahead of you, you have to continue running the fastest towards your Goal and reach the Goal.

?Sri Chinmoy, Palmistry, Reincarnation and The Dream State