Brahman is the imperishable infinite. Another name for Brahman is AUM. AUM
is the Creator. AUM is Creation. AUM is in Creation. Also AUM is beyond the
This chapter begins with a volley of most significant questions. Brahman,
Adhyatma, Karma, Adhibhuta, Adhidaiva, Adhiyajna? what are these? The Lord
answers: ?The imperishable Absolute is Brahman. Adhyatma is the self-revealing
Knowledge of Brahman?s primeval Nature. Karma is the birth of activity, natural
and normal. Adhibhuta is the perishable material manifestation. Adhidaiva
is the knowledge of the Shining Ones. Adhiyajna is the sacrifice made by
Me in order to unite the manifestation of finite forms with My infinite Life.?<br>
Krishna affirms that self-realisation or the realisation of Immortality must
be achieved during life in the body and nowhere else. As each human being
creates limitations, imperfections and bondages, so also is he capable of
transcending them. He will finally enter into the planes of Fulness, Perfection
and Freedom.<br>
Our existence is the result of a previous existence. This earth of ours is
the result of an earth that existed before. Everything is evolving. The essence
of evolution is an inner and outer movement. This movement or change takes
place even in the world of Brahma. Even after attaining Brahma?s world, one
cannot escape the snares of rebirth. To be sure, our earthly days and nights
are nothing but an infinitesimal second in comparison to the Days and Nights
of Brahma. A thousand ages breathe in Brahma?s one single day, and a thousand
ages breathe in Brahma?s one single night.<br>
No use in taking shelter in our earthly days and nights, for they are fleeting.
No use in taking shelter in Brahma?s days and nights either, for they are
also not eternal. We can, we should and we must take shelter only in the
Lord Krishna?s Eternal Heart, which is our safest haven, where no day is
required, no night is required since His heart is Infinity?s Light and Eternity?s
Life. Nothing else do we need save devotion. Our choice supreme is devotion.
Our heart of devotion responds to His Heart of Love. Says He: ?Only the devotion
unswerving has the direct and free access to my Life Immortal, my Truth Absolute.?<br>
What is within will sooner or later be manifested without. The possessor
of divine thoughts will also be the doer of divine deeds. It is possible
only for a dedicated and aspiring man to think of God consciously while leaving
the earth scene.<br>
Krishna tells us how a Yogi enters into the Ultimate after leaving his mortal
sheath. ?His senses are under control. His mind is placed in the heart, He
meditates on Me. AUM he soulfully chants. He gives up Prana, the life-breath,
and enters into the Ultimate Realisation in Me.?<br>
Sri Chinmoy