When I cast all Dreams Away


I sipped the sap of each sane pleasure;
I exulted in the crushed beauty of sextillion stars;
I made a bonfire of all sorrows and basked in the glory blaze;
I quaffed the questing love of all hearts;
I mingled paternal, maternal, and fraternal love together,
And drank the solacing draught;
I squeezed the scriptures for drops of peace;
I wrung poems from the winepress of Nature;
I lifted gems from the mine of thoughts;
I stole the sweetness from the honeycomb of innocent joys;
I read, I smiled, I worked, I planned, I throbbed, I aspired;
    But naught was sufficient.
Only nightmares of incompleteness,
Ever receding will-o’-the wisps of promised happiness,
   Haunted and hastened my heart.
   But when I cast all dreams away,
   I found the deep sanctuary of peace,
   And my soul sang: ‘God alone! God alone!’

– P.Yogananda