From Sri Chinmoy to U Thant

?Divinity’s Smile and Humanity’s Cry?

?U Thant, U Thant,
We love your silence-soul,
We loved your compassion-heart.
Your world-harmony role
Challenged ignorance-dart.
UN pilot supreme,
You treasured perfection-dream.?

?U Thant’s life of humility was the result of his heart’s nobility. His heart of nobility was the result of his soul’s unparalleled divinity.

In the inner world, he was God’s Promise, God’s Promise to the outer world. In the outer world he was man’s confidence, man’s confidence in becoming a dedicated instrument of the inner world.?

?Simplicity was U Thant’s life.
Sincerity was U Thant’s mind.
Purity was U Thant’s heart.
His was the approach of serene
And illumined dignity.?