Nelson Mandela

From Sri Chinmoy to Nelson Mandela

“The Pinnacle-Pillar of Mother Earth”

Our beloved President Mandela, O Supreme Pilot of the South Africa-Boat, it is here in this tinier than the tiniest room that you embodied your beloved country’s streaming tears and bleeding heart.
December 26th, 1995.
From Sri Chinmoy’s prayer offered on his visit to President Mandela’s prison cell in Robben Island.

?Nelson Mandela, torture-sufferer supreme.
High Heaven’s Smile and earth’s solace-dream.
Your heart has won the world’s admiration-choice.
Within, without, a perfect justice-voice.?

?Beloved President Mandela, O Founding Father of a free and democratic South Africa, your sacred covenant with your people shall forever and forever last. The rainbow nation shall shine for all Eternity with its many brilliant and glorious colours. None can dim its light. None can dull its splendour.?

?He tells poorer than the poorest human beings
In every possible way:
‘Let us dream together.
The Golden Dawn
Will soon burst forth!’?

?Whoever genuinely desires
To redress humanity’s suffering
Feels behind him one hundred per cent
The living presence of Mandela’s heart.?

?Not only South Africa, but all of humanity was enchained by apartheid.
Not only South Africa, but all of humanity awoke to fight for freedom.
Not only South Africa, but all of humanity won the freedom-struggle.?

?President Mandela’s very name
Builds a hope-cathedral
In the heart of despair-flooded humanity.?