Tributes to King Birendra

King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev Raja Bir,
You are at once the embodiment of Nepal’s heart
And sempiternal zenith-head.
Within, a worshiper of devotion you are;
Without, you are the beckoning hand of force divine.
Your eyes are flooded with liberation-inspiration,
Your life with consciousness-power.
At the foot of the Himalayas, your Nepal
Breathes in red lotus-fragrance.
O King of Nepal, powerfully and safely you pilot
Your Nepalese Boat in the limitless world-ocean.

-Sri Chinmoy
20 December 1994


His death is an immense loss to the Nepalese people and he will forever live on in the hearts of his people

-Chinese President Jiang Zemin
4 June 2001


His Majesty King Birendra was a source of great strength and inspiration to his country and was deeply loved and held in the highest esteem by his people. His Majesty was also widely admired for his contributions in promoting understanding and cooperation in our region, and his passing away is not only a loss for Nepal but for the region and the world.

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Royal Government of Bhutan
2 June, 2001