Words about others

“Not only was Mother Teresa a model of humility, sacrifice and selflessness, she also succeeded in winning the admiration and love of statesmen, the famous, the rich, the poor and the destitute alike. Mother Teresa brought warmth and sunshine to the hearts of the downtrodden and made the poor of the world feel cared for and loved. She shall be missed by all mankind.”

President Mandela about Mother Teresa on Sep. 6th, 1997 following her passing away

“Princess Diana was an ambassador for victims of landmines, war orphans, the sick and needy throughout the world. She was undoubtedly one of the best ambassadors of Great Britain.”

President Mandela about Princess Diana after her tragic death on Aug. 31st, 1997

“John F. Kennedy Jr. should be celebrated in death even as he was celebrated in life.”

President Mandela’s message about John F. Kennedy, Jr.

François Mitterrand was a world statesman who contributed so much to peace and development and was a close friend of our people. He had always supported the struggle against apartheid.

From President Mandela?s tribute to French President François Mitterrand on Jan. 10th, 1997

I cannot express in words my joy! What you are doing is in the interest of the entire humanity and the world.

President Mandela to Sri Chinmoy during their meeting on Jan. 29th, 1996 at the African National Congress Headquarters, Johannesburg

Your untiring efforts and continuous travels worldwide to spread the message of peace and the oneness of humanity are indeed admirable, my brother, and we offer all our support and encouragement for your peace initiatives…Know that in all that you do to promote peace in the world, you have our full support.

From President Mandela’s letter to Sri Chinmoy on Aug. 26th, 1997

Oliver lived not because he could breathe. He lived not because blood flowed through his veins. Oliver lived not because he did all the things that all of us as ordinary men and women do. Oliver lived because he had surrendered his very being to the people.

From President Mandela’s speech following Oliver Tambo’s passing at Oliver Tambo Stadium in Soweto, May, 1993. Oliver Tambo was President Mandela’s law partner and President of the ANC from 1967 to 1991

President Mandela said he had learnt of the death of Govan Mbeki with a sense of immense loss and sadness. “Throughout the years he continued to inspire all of us inside and outside prison with the certainty that we would triumph in the end.” Tribute from President Mandela on hearing of Govan Mbeki’s passing. Govan Mbeki was a founder of the ANC and veteran leader of the anti-apartheid struggle