Free Spiritual Growth Downloads

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To foster our own spiritual growth we can take advantage of the free inspiration offered by the great Seers and Sages whose inspiring words can awaken our own inner potential.

Slide Show of Poems
– by Paramhansa Yogananda.
This is a beautiful selection of poetry and nature photos which complement the inspiring aphorisms.

Flute Music For Meditation

Peaceful flute music composed by Sri Chinmoy. Ideal for relaxation and meditation. Needs Real Player available at Sri Chinmoy Radio

Inspiration News is a remarkable collection of positive news items created by Sri Chinmoy TV. News Items include events such as New World Records, Humanitarian projects. A marvellous collection of positive news.

Poet Seers
A comprehensive collection of spiritual poetry from some of the greatest Mystic poets. It includes poetry by William Blake, Rumi, Hafiz, William Shakespeare and Mirabai. Also includes sections of Buddhist poets, Hindu Poets, Sufi Poets and contemporary spiritual poets such as Daniel Ladinsky and Coleman Barks. Well worth visiting


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