International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

IPPNW is a non-partisan, global federation of national medical organizations in 58 countries dedicated to research, education, and advocacy relevant to the prevention of nuclear war. To this end, IPPNW seeks to prevent all wars, to promote non-violent conflict resolution, and to minimize the effects of war and preparations for war on health, development, and the environment.

IPPNW works for

  • Abolition of all nuclear weapons
  • Demilitarization of the global economy and an end to the arms trade
  • Re-allocation of resources from military to civilian needs, especially to basic health care and human necessities
  • Sustainable and ecologically sound economic development

IPPNW is the only international medical organization dedicated to the abolition of nuclear weapons. Our principal program areas beyond the core mission of nuclear abolition include projects to end the threats posed by small arms and light weapons, landmines, chemical and biological weapons, and the burden of debt on developing nations.

The IPPNW was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work in 1985

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