Sri Chaitanya


Lord Gauranga – Sri Chaitanya

Lord Gauranga’srise in the firmament of Bengal when the province was shrouded in a mist of superstition, ignorance and pessimism was a supreme blessing of Providence. The supernal light that He threw on the slumbering and downtrodden country stirred its children to a new life.    

Sri Chaitanya’s Vaishnavism is synonymous with the Radha-Spirit, the living emblem of divine love at its highest. And this love attains the acme of perfection in possessing and being possessed by the ever-blissful Sri Krishna.  

Man can pay his true homage to the Avatar Sri Chaitanya when he is capable of sharing even an infinitesimal fraction of His Divine Ecstasy.

Excerpt from India, My India by Sri Chinmoy.