Poems Time


Is everywhere


Do not waste time
Thinking of a better future


The futures is here –
In the heart of
Here and Now.


Poems By: Sri Chinmoy

Photo by Kamalika Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries


Poems about Time at Poetseers

"Unaspiring human beings do not enlist the help of time. They do not know the value of time They think that achievement is of paramount importance, and not the time required for the achievement. So they do not care for time; they neglect time. They do not realise that time is the bridge that will carry them to the other shore. If they do not use the bridge, they cannot go on to the other shore where there is Light, Peace and Bliss in boundless measure. But the aspiring person, the seeker, appreciates time and utilises it. When it is time to eat, he will eat; when it is time to think, he will think; when it is time to study spiritual books, he will study; and when it is time to rest, he will rest. For him, each day is a new challenge, a new opportunity. He enters into the battlefield of life to conquer darkness, limitation, bondage and death. He has to fight and rest at the appropriate times. He has to do all the things that are necessary to invoke Peace, Light and Bliss from above in infinite measure so that he can bring to the fore his inner divinity and offer it to the world at large."

From: Talk on Time by Sri Chinmoy

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