Act I, Scene II

(The woman’s home. Enter all three.)

ARJUNA: How many children do you have?

WOMAN: Oh, I have no children.

ARJUNA: What does your husband do?

WOMAN: I have no husband. My husband died long ago. I am all alone.

ARJUNA: Then how do you support yourself? I am sorry that we have come here to burden you.

WOMAN: Oh no, no. Don’t feel sorry. I am quite rich. My Lord Krishna supports me. I have a cow. The cow gives milk, and I sell the milk and thus maintain my life on earth. So, I am very glad to receive both of you. Let me feed you with what little I have.

(She brings food and offers it to them. Arjuna and Krishna eat happily.)

KRISHNA: Most delicious food!

WOMAN: All thanks to Lord Krishna. He is my Lord; he is my all, my Lord Krishna. I feel that both of you are very nice and spiritual. Whom do you pray to?

ARJUNA: We also pray to Krishna. He is very great.

WOMAN: I am so happy that two devotees of Krishna have come here. I am so happy and proud that we three are together.