Part 1: The Baby Krishna and His Foster Mother, Jashoda



(Jashoda is churning curd into butter. Krishna is playing near her.)

JASHODA: Krishna! What are you doing?

(Krishna smiles.)

JASHODA: Stop eating mud! Stop! You dirty fellow!

(Krishna smiles.)

JASHODA: Stop! Stop! Otherwise I shall strike you!

(Krishna smiles and Jashoda comes to him.)

JASHODA: Open your mouth! Spit it out!

(Krishna opens his mouth. She takes the mud out of his mouth.)

JASHODA: Oh! What do I see? I see the whole universe! I see earth, heaven, stars, planets, the sun, the moon, countless beings, all the beings inside you. My child, is this a dream? Is it only a dream? My child, close your mouth.

(Krishna closes his mouth.)

JASHODA: Now open it. (He opens it.) Again I see the universe: earth, heaven, stars, planets, the sun, the moon and countless beings. O Krishna, this time it is not a dream. This time it is not a mental hallucination. For the second time, I am seeing all this. O Lord Supreme, You have given me Nanda, my husband, who is all love for mankind. You have blessed me with Krishna, in whom I see the entire universe. Something within me tells me, O Lord Supreme, that my Krishna is none other than You, Yourself.

(Krishna smiles.)