Video NY City Children


Danny Goldfield has set out to photograph a child from every country in the world (194 countries) However they must all live in New York city. Danny Goldfield says the project seeks to celebrate the universality of people from different countries.

Directed by Bristol Baughan, Reason Pictures. Editing by Lindsay Utz, Public Media Works. Director of Photography, Evan Savit…

See also NY Children The project is currently about 70% complete. See some of the pictures on this site.

I frequently travel to New York to visit friends and my meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy I have often thought how multi cultural New York is,it seems to be a microcosm of the world, with all religions and nations represented. It seems quite apt that the United Nations is in New York.

This is a very inspiring project; giving a visual documentation to the multi cultural nature of New York. By photographing children, the project also seems to embody hope for the future.

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