Quotes on Meditation

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Quotes on Meditation

by: Sri Chinmoy

Nothing impresses me any more,
save and except
My own deep meditations.

Meditation stops
The sound-loving mind.

To my greatest relief,
I have silenced
My questioning mind.

When I pray,
I feel I am tiny,
very tiny.

When I meditate,
I feel I am vast,
very vast.

When I contemplate,
I feel I am neither tiny nor vast –
I am just a player
Who plays hide and seek with God.

When I pray,
I clearly see that God is coming down
From Above.

When I meditate,
I clearly see that God is already seated
Inside my heart.

My Lord,
When I most intensely pray and meditate,
The world badly misunderstands me.
My Lord, what shall I do?
“My child, you have only one world,
And that world is all love.
It needs neither understanding
Nor misunderstanding.”

When we pray and meditate
Sincerely and soulfully,
We receive an open-hearted invitation
From Heaven.

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