Almighty Lord, if we offer you a devoted mind and heart, you will offer to us every blessing on earth and heaven.

You grant our deepest wishes. You give food to the body and peace to the soul. You look upon us with the love of a mother for her children.

You created this beautiful earth all around us. And in every plant and animal, every tree and bird, your spirit dwells.

You have revealed yourself to me, infusing my soul with the knowledge that you are the source of all blessing.

And so I sing your praises day and night. I who am feeble, glorify you who are powerful. I who am nothing, devote myself to you who are everything.
? Atharva Veda

The Atharva Veda like the Rig Veda is a collection of hymns but of a more diverse character, some very exalted like the Rig Veda others of more common nature. This Veda consists primarily of magical spells and incantations.

Atharva Veda contains about six thousand verses forming 760 hymns and a small portion of prose. About one-sixth of these hymns are taken from the Rig Veda. Many hymns in the Atharva Veda relate to diseases like fever, leprosy, jaundice, dropsy, to demons that cause diseases, to herbs and magic amulets, which drive diseases away. There are hymns relating to errors in performing rituals and their expiatory acts, to sins and their atonement. There are also hymns relating to war, politics and philosophy. One of the most beautiful hymns is the hymn to Prithiv or Mother Earth.

From this Veda came not only astrology but also the beginning of Ayurvedic medicine.

That, verily, is Agni. The Sun is that, the Wind is that, the Moon is that. That is the Light that is Brahman that is the Waters, Pajapati is He. All moments originated from the Person like lightning. No one has comprehended Him, above, across, or in the center. There is no image of Him whose name is Great Glory. Eye cannot see Him, nor words reveal Him; by the senses, austerity, or works He is not known. When the mind is cleansed by the grace of wisdom, He is seen by contemplation – the One without parts.
? Atharva Veda.