Solaman’s One Wish

During his lifetime, the Mogul Emperor Shahjan built the famous Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved wife, Mamataj. Shahjan had four sons. When he died, the second son, Aurongajeb, wanted to get the throne. So he killed his older brother, Dara, arrested his two younger brothers and declared that he would rule the entire kingdom. The son of Dara, Solaman, went to Sri Naga for shelter. But the King of Sri Naga, instead of giving him shelter, arrested him and sent him to Aurongajeb, who was in his capital in Delhi.

When Aurongajeb saw his nephew, for a moment he felt sad that Solaman was in such a miserable state. He asked his nephew what he wanted. If Solaman wanted to leave, he would not kill him. But Solaman said, “If you want to fulfil my only desire, then kill me immediately. You have killed my father. Now I don’t want to remain on earth.”

Aurongajeb said, “What are you talking about? I shall not kill you. I shall allow you to go in your own way.

Solaman said, “I do not need that favour from you. Only one favour I want: kill me here and now.”

This was Solaman’s oneness with his father. Needless to say, Aurongajeb didn’t kill him

– Sri Chinmoy