Babar And The Cave

The first Mogul Emperor’s name was Babar. He was not as great as Akbar, who was the greatest of all the Mogul Emperors, but he still was a very great Emperor. Since he was the first, he had to fight and fight and fight to establish his kingdom.

Once, with a group of friends and admirers, he went to visit his relatives. On their way back it started pouring. It was raining cats and dogs, and there was no place for them to take shelter. Then, to their wide surprise, they discovered a tiny cave, so they begged the Emperor to enter into the cave while all of them remained outside. They were ready to be thoroughly drenched.

But the Emperor said, “How can I do that? You are my intimate friends and admirers. This protection is not enough for all of us. Since it is not adequate for all of us, I don’t need it. I am more than happy to be outside with you.”

So Babar didn’t enter into the cave. The rain lasted for a long time and the following day they reached their destination. This was Babar’s loving oneness with his friends and admirers.