The King?s Favour

<br /> <br /> One day the ruler of the kingdom came to his spiritual Master and said, “Master, Ou have been helping me in my spiritual life unreservedly. May I do something for Ou?”<br /> <br /> The Master said, “I have everything from God. What can Ou give me? What do I need?”<br /> <br /> The King insisted, “Please, please, I will be so grateful if I can do something to please Ou. I will be so happy if I can be of some service to Ou or if Ou ask me to do something for Ou.”<br /> <br /> The Master said, “I will be really happy and grateful if Ou can chase away the flies that bother me so often.”<br /> <br /> “This is the thing that Ou are asking me to do?” said the King. “Such an easy task!”<br /> <br /> “Then try, try,” said the Master.<br /> <br /> So the King started chasing away the flies. O God, each time he chased them away, they kept coming back. There was no end to the flies’ mischief.<br /> <br /> Then pride entered into the King: “I am the King. I am so obliged to the Master because he has given me some inner peace, which is so difficult to get from anybody. I wanted to do him a favour in return. I thought he would ask me for money or a vast plot of land, because I am such a kind-hearted and rich King. Now I feel really ashamed that I can’t do even this kind of job for the Master. It is such an easy task, yet I can’t do it.”<br /> <br /> The Master said, “O King, Our heart wanted to please me, but Our mind did not want to. Your heart thought that by pleasing me it would make progress. But Our mind had a kind of pride in it. Your mind thought that by pleasing me it would do me a great favour. Therefore, I wanted Ou to go through this experience?not of humiliation, but of humility. I want humility from Ou. That is why I have given Ou this job.<br /> <br /> “The spiritual Master does not need anything from the disciples. He entirely depends on God’s Compassion. But again, God’s Compassion can work in and through his disciples. His earthly and material needs will always be supplied by the Supreme in and through his disciples.<br /> <br /> “In my case, I needed nothing. But because Ou wanted to help me, I gave Ou the easiest job of chasing flies. If even the easiest job Ou cannot do, how will Ou do the most difficult job, which is to please God in God’s own Way? So give up Our pride, give up Our sense of humiliation. Only feel that in the spiritual life humility is of paramount importance. And of all the virtues, the most important is to offer gratitude to God for what Ou have and what Ou are.<br /> <br /> “Then, if Ou want to help someone, feel that what Ou are offering is not actually help as such; it is an opportunity for Ou to be of service to Our Beloved Supreme in and through the other individual. And if Ou go one step higher than this realisation, Ou will feel that the Supreme is fulfilling Himself in and through Ou. Do what the Supreme tells Ou to do, but on Our own do not try to help mankind. Only try to serve the Supreme inside mankind. Then only Ou will please the Supreme in the Supreme’s own Way.”