Two Genius Friends

<br /> <br /> Even as a child, Satyen Bose was remarkable. Once he got 110 out of 100 in mathematics. Some of the students laughed; even some of the parents laughed. “How can someone get 110 out of 100?” they asked.<br /> <br /> But Bose’s teacher defended himself. He said, “In the examination this boy solved the mathematical problem in various ways. I am his teacher, yet I could only solve it in one way. But he has solved it in three ways. If he does not deserve 110 out of 100, then who does deserve it? I am his teacher, but I have learned from him.”<br /> <br /> At that time Satyen was only eleven years old. When he grew up and entered the university, he was so happy to have Jagadish Chandra Bose and Prafulla Chandra Ray, two very well-known Indian scientists, as his teachers. J. C. Bose taught him physics and Prafulla Ray taught him chemistry.<br /> <br /> Satyen’s guru was Einstein. Once, when he was teaching at Dacca University, he wrote an article on physics which he sent to Einstein. Einstein was so deeply impressed that he translated it into German. The University of Calcutta and other universities were so pleased to hear this that they sent Satyen to various places to gather more scientific knowledge. He went to work with Einstein and other great German scientists.<br /> <br /> It happened that the position of head Professor of Science fell vacant at Calcutta University, so Satyen’s friends asked him to apply for it.<br /> <br /> But Satyen said, “I am not a Professor and I don’t have a doctorate. They will never give me this.”<br /> <br /> His friends said, “Well, Ou don’t need those qualifications. You have more knowledge than most of the scientists.”<br /> <br /> But still Satyen hesitated. “No, I can’t ask for it.”<br /> <br /> Then his friends said, “Well, go and ask Einstein. Please ask him. Then we shall see. If Einstein puts in a few words for Ou, definitely Ou will get the job.”<br /> <br /> “How can I exploit his affection and love?” Satyen replied. “He appreciates me and loves me. Is this the time for me to take advantage of him? No! I won’t take that course!”<br /> <br /> His friends urged him further: “Go and ask, go and ask. It will help Ou and also it will help Our Motherland.”<br /> <br /> At last, with tremendous hesitation, Satyen went to Einstein and explained the situation, concluding, “This is what my friends told me to do. Also I am a little tempted myself. Now, what will Ou do?”<br /> <br /> Einstein immediately picked up his pen and wrote, “Can there be any equal to Satyen Bose? He deserves that post. Please give him the post if Ou can.”<br /> <br /> When the university authorities saw Einstein’s letter they were so deeply moved that they did give Satyen the post. Then Satyen wrote another article on physics and sent it to Einstein. Einstein appreciated it so greatly that he translated it into German also. Satyen then wrote a further article, which he actually dedicated to Einstein. He thought of giving it to him personally and was ready to come to visit him when Einstein suddenly died. Einstein’s death was a terrible shock to Satyen.<br /> <br /> The scientific world remembers this immortal friendship in a most significant way. Satyen once wrote something which Einstein improved upon. Thereafter, it was known as “Bose-Einstein statistics.”<br />