Tributes to Anandamayi Ma

From infancy we heard of mother Ind’s
Long dynasties of sages high and hoary;
Yet in our Pantheons one seldom fìnds
A saintly woman’s form haloed with glory.
We sing of the Gopis, Krishna-love sky-vast,
In the Vedas women wrote great hymns, we claim,
But when a woman harks back to the past,
We are vexed and never can find for it a name!
So Thou art born to us, O Damset deep,
With wisdom and love divine, and with Thy sure
Answers and raptures make even stalwarts weep
And pandits Laugh – one knows not with what lure!
O, mystic Minstrel holding the Wizard’s Wand
O, Envoy of the Ethereal to Clay!
Teach us until! our minds can understand
Thy gospel of Ananda, and come to stay!

by Dilip Kumar Roy

The ocean of peace
Anandamayee Ma’s eyes were.
The ocean of bliss
Anandamayee Ma’s heart was.
The ocean of compassion
Anandamayee Ma’s life was.
Infinity’s delight in Immortality’s Sky
Anandamayee Ma’s realization
Of the Transcendental Heights
Forever shall breathe
Throughout the length and breadth of India.

– Taken from Sri Chinmoy’s book ‘India, My India’

I had found many men of God-realization in India, but never before had I met such an exalted woman saint. Her gentle face was burnished with the ineffable joy that had given her the name of Blissful Mother. Long black tresses lay loosely behind her unveiled head. A red dot of sandalwood paste on her forehead symbolized the spiritual eye, ever open within her. Tiny face, tiny hands, tiny feet – a contrast to her spiritual magnitude! Casting aside every inferior attachment, Ananda Moyi Ma offers her sole allegiance to the Lord. Not by the hairsplitting distinctions of scholars but by the sure logic of faith, the childlike saint has solved the only problem in human life – establishment of unity with God.
– Paramahamsa Yogananda

As my eyes first beheld the blessed Mother, it seemed that a dart of love went out from Her and struck my heart, leaving me transfixed. I remained in that state for some moments, eyes locked on the Mother, feeling great waves of love surging within me. The Mother placed a garland of yellow flowers around my neck and I was plunged into an ecstatic state. When I opened my eyes the Mother gazed long and lovingly into my eyes. What sweetness – what blessing! I can say no more. She is a Divine Being.” Suddenly I felt a tremendous spiritual fulfillment and oneness with the Universal Mother. Anandamayi Ma removed from her neck a string of small rudraksha beads and put them about my neck and said with great tenderness, ‘This daughter of yours ever lives in your heart’.

-Daya Ma, President of the Self Realisation Fellowship