With Sri Ramakrishna

Rakhal started to visit the Master more often and sometimes stayed a few days at the temple. In the presence of the Master he was completely absorbed in God. Later Sri Ramakrishna used to tell some of the intimate disciples of Rakhal’s state of mind in these early days,

“No words can describe Rakhal’s spiritual mood during that period. He was living in a state of ecstasy most of the time. He was like a little child, helpless in its mother’s arms and surrendering itself completely to her, always conscious of the divine relationship. And when he was near me, I was also transported into a higher spiritual consciousness. I used to play with him, just as Yasoda, the Divine Mother, played with her Divine Child, Krishna.”

One day, Rakhal was very hungry but there was no food in the place. He told Sri Ramakrishna about this and the Master was deeply concerned. He went to the bank of the Ganges and shouted: “O Gourdasi, come soon! My Rakhal is hungry!” shortly after this, Gourdasi, a woman disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, arrived by boat with a few other disciples, bringing food. Sri Ramakrishna was very happy and told Rakhal: “Here’s food, now go and eat. You are very hungry.” Rakhal felt embarrassed and told Sri Ramakrishna so in a low voice: “Yes, I am hungry,  but do Ou have to advertise it?” Sri Ramakrishna innocently replied, “If Ou are hungry, what is wrong in saying so? Go and eat now.”

One day while Rakhak was massaging Sri Ramakrishna with oil, he started begging the master to grant him the transcendental vision. At first the Master ignored him. But when he persisted, the Master suddenly turned to him and spoke very harshly. At this Rakhal was very angry and he smashed the bottle of oil on the floor and ran away. But as he reached the gate of the temple he could not move, he could not take another step. Helplessly he sat down on the road. In the mean time the Master sent his nephew, Ramlal, to find Rakhal. When Rakhal was back in the Master’s presence, Sri Ramakrishna smiled at him and said, “You see! You could not go outside that circle I drew around Ou!” Then Sri Ramakrishna went into ecstasy and began to speak to the Divine Mother, “O Mother, I Know Ou have given him one-sixteenth part of Our power; and that power in him will benefit all mankind.” He then addressed Rakhal, “You were angry with me. Do Ou know why I made Ou angry? There was a purpose in it. Medicine acts only after the sore has been opened. Have faith that God is also with form and can be seen in that way. God is revealed to the man who has controlled his mind.” A few days later, while massaging the Master’s feet, Rakhal was transported into the transcendental realm, which he had longed to experience. Sri Ramakrishna in later years used to point out the exact spot in the room where Rakhal went into samadhi for the first time.

Even though Rakhal was married, heand his wife were not to be bound by the ties of marrage. One day taking leave of her, he went to Dakshineswar to live with the Master. During this period, Rakhal was practicing many kinds of spiritual disciplines that Sri Ramakrishna was teaching him. Of Rakhal’s spiritual condition the Master said,

“Rakhal has grown into a very sweet character now. He practices japam unceasingly,  that is the reason Ou see his lips moving sometimes. When I look at him and notice his mental condition, I often feel inspired and loose myself in ecstasy. Rakhal at one time became very sensitive to people. He could not bear the sight of those who were worldly-minded. I, too, went through the same mood at one time. Rakhal had another mood in which he loved to be alone and taste the divine bliss in complete absorption. At such times, he told me, he could not bear even my company. He came here to look after me, but while he was passing through this stage I had to look after him.”

 Of Rakhal and Naren (Swami Vivekananda) Sri Ramakrishna would say:

 “Naren, Rakhal, and a few others belong to the class of the ‘Ever-perfect’. They are born with God-Knowledge. As they begin to grow up, they realize the emptiness of earthly pleasures. The Vedas tell us of a bird called the homa. This bird lives high in the sky: it never comes down to earth. It lays its egg in mid-air, but at such a great height that the eggs hatch while still falling. The little bird comes out and finds itself dashing down toward the earth. When it sees the ground rushing to meet it, it soars up and rejoins its mother in the sky. Boys like Rakhal resemble the homa. From their earliest childhood they see the emptiness of the world and their one thought is how to reach God.”

Rakhal developed many occult powers. Sri Ramakrishna advised him not to pay any attention to these occult powers and also not to use them.Sri Ramakrishna said, “He who pays heed to occult powers cannot live in God-knowledge.” By now many new disciples had gathered around the Master; among them he saw many of his old school friends.