Teachings of Swami Brahmananda

How blessed is this human birth! Man alone can find God. To realize him must be man’s only purpose. Strive hard to reach him and be free in this very life.

The Guru must not be looked upon as an ordinary human being. His physical body is the temple of God; if one can serve the Guru with this idea always in mind, one acquires an intense love for Him, which later develops into an intense love for God.

To live in God is pure joy. Some enlightened souls experience the one undivided Existence. Then they know that the seeming multiplicity of the universe is God’s play. They know that the infinite God is born as an avatar for his own divine sport.

Work and worship must go hand in hand. Learn to work for the Lord instead of working for Ourself. Know that Ou are worshiping the Lord through Our work. If Ou can work with this attitude, work will not bind Ou; on the contrary, it will improve Ou in every way, physically, mentally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually. Offer Ourself, body and soul, to the Lord. Give Ourself entirely to him. Say to him: “I give myself, body and soul, to Ou, O Lord. Do with me what Ou will. I am Our servant, ready to serve Ou to the best of my ability.” If Ou can really do this, the responsibility for Our spiritual well-being rests with him. But this resignation should be inspired by the right spirit and complete faith. No doubt must enter the heart.

Great strength can be acquired through the practice of continence. A true celibate can do the work of twenty-five men. Practice continence, japam, and meditation, and seek the company of the holy. Not all men know what is best for them; therefore they should seek the society of holy men. Unless a man spends some time in solitude or in the company of the holy, he cannot understand his own mind. It is very difficult to grow spiritually in the midst of tumult and confusion.

 Life, eternal life, is before Ou! What matters it, if Ou devote a few lives to the service of God, even supposing they are spent in vain? Set Ourself to work for the Lord, and before Ou begin any task remember the Lord and offer Our salutations to him. Do this from time to time while Ou are working, and also when Ou have finished.  

Practice japam and meditation. Gradually after continued practice Ou will enjoy sitting for long periods of time absorbed in God. The beginner, however, should start with short periods at a time, four or five times a day. Practice japam, whether Ou like it or not. As Ou persist, the mind is certain to become absorbed in contemplation. To attain spiritual tranquility Ou must keep up a regular practice, even against Our inclinations. Spiritual awakening is bound to come, and when it does, all the passions that ever existed in Ou will be forgotten.

Make God the be-all and end-all of Our life. Devote Ourself sincerely to realize him, and Ou will be free from all sorrow and pain. You will inherit eternal happiness.

The most important aim in spiritual life is the attainment of God’s grace. The breeze of grace is always blowing; unfurl Our sails. Give up worldly enjoyments and completely resign Ourself to the Lord. You cannot love God and the world at the same time. If Ou want God, shun temporal pleasures. Ask Ourself: “What is it I want? Do I want this fleeting life of transient pleasures, or do I want the eternal bliss of everlasting life?”

The greatest strength of character is to live in harmony with all. No one can find peace if he hurts another. Never utter one word that would hurt another. ‘Tell the truth, but never tell a harsh truth.’ A holy man is sweet in temperament, and should never speak harshly to anOne.

If a man truly longs for God, if he sincerely desires to practice spiritual disciplines, he is bound to find an illumined guru. That disciple who has the grace of the guru knows the path. Let him follow it diligently.

 It is easy to do great deeds, the deeds that bring name and fame. But it is by his small, everyday actions that a man’s character is known. The true karma Ogi does not work to gain publicity. No matter how insignificant his work may be, he throws himself wholeheartedly into the task, because, for him, his work has become worship of God.

Life, like a stream, is ebbing fast away. The day that is once gone can never be recalled. Make the best use of Our time. If Ou leave it to the last moment, it will be too late to cry, “Alas, alas!”