A sacred union

The relationship between the Holy Mother and Sri Ramakrishna was very sacred. One day while massaging Sri Ramakrishna’s feet, the Holy Mother asked him, “How do you look upon me?” Sri Ramakrishna replied, “The Mother who is the deity in the temple, the mother who gave birth to me and now resides in the Nahabat; even she is now massaging my feet. I look upon you in that light, as the embodiment of Motherhood.” On her part the Holy Mother was a woman of immaculate purity of mind. She lived a life of lofty ideals. In the early days of his association with her, Sri Ramakrishna asked, “Do you want to drag me down into Maya?” Prompt came her reply, “Why should I do that? I have come only to help you in the path of spiritual life.” Sri Ramakrishna himself understood the immense value of her contribution to his spiritual life. He said to his disciples, “Had she not been so pure, who knows whether I might have lost my self-control from her inducements” After marriage I prayed to the Divine Mother, “O Mother, remove even the least taint of carnality from the mind of my wife. When I lived with her, I understood that the Mother had really granted my prayer.”

The Holy Mother stayed at Dakshineswar for more than thirteen years, with brief visits to her parental home in Jayrambati once in a while. During this period most of her time was spent in the service of the Master, and taking care of his devotees. This was also a period of intense training for her, by her Godly husband. Her day generally began between 3 and 4 a.m. before any human being was up. At that early hour she would bathe in the Ganges and return to her room without being noticed. Then she would spend the morning hours in meditation and worship. The Master also initiated her into the practice of Japa. Even though she was very busy in the service of the Master and the devotees, yet she spent long hours in Japa and meditation. Once she told her niece:

What a lot of work I did when I was of your age! And yet I could find time to repeat my Mantra a hundred thousand times every day.

 Then she would cook food for the Master and feed him. She took her midday meal at 1 p.m. and rested for a while. At dusk after finishing her meditation she attended to cooking, fed the Master and his mother. Then she took her own food and retired for the day. During her stay at Dakishineswar she lived in the Nahabat, a very small two-storied block, in the upper house of which lived Sri Ramakrishna’s mother. The Holy Mother occupied the small room on the ground floor. Since she used to cook for the Master and his aged mother, she was obliged to use this room as a provision store and kitchen also. Thus she sat and slept with vegetable baskets and sacks of rice and pulses about her. Above her head hung in slings the pots containing special articles of food to suit the Master’s delicate stomach.