Sri Sarada Devi

Mother, do make me,
My heart,
Complete emptiness-life
So that You can fill it
With Your beauty’s light.
Mother, capture me,
My life within
And my life without.
I know, I know, Mother,
My life’s teeming problems
Will be over only when
I far transcend
My thought-world
And my mind-world.

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Saradamani Devi (1853-1920), the wife and spiritual partner of Sri Ramakrishna, is known to millions of devotees as The Holy Mother. She was bethrothed to Sri Ramakrishna at an early age according to custom. After Ramakrishna’s passing away, she carried on his role, serving as guide and inspiration of the new spiritual movement.

1.Childhood and Bethrothal
2.A sacred union
4.The Embodiment of Motherhood

Teachings of the Holy Mother

Tributes to the Holy Mother