Ramana Maharshi Indian Wisdom


ramana_maharshi_jpg.jpg “O my mind, cast aside your long-treasured arid reason. Welcome the ever-virgin faith. Possess the naked sword of conscience. Far above the storms of fear you are destined to climb. Stay no more in self-created somber shadows of death. Don the golden robes of simplicity, sincerity and purity. Permit not the gales of disbelief to extinguish your inner mounting flame. Yours is the arrow of concentration. Yours is the soil of lightning intution. Yours is the unhorizoned peace. Behold the Supreme! He crowns you, O mind of mine, with the laurel of His infinite Bounty.”

(Taken from “Songs of the Soul” by Sri Chinmoy)


Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) is widely regarded as one of the greatest saints of Hinduism. He lived on the sacred Arunachala hill near Tiruvannamalai. The core of his teachings was the practice of self-inquiry: asking Who am I?